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Hello all

My name is Przemyslaw Federowicz. I'm living in Poland. I have two hobbies: computer technologies and the biggest hobby: sea and warships. I publish my articles in polish magazines Okręty wojenne (eng. Warships) and Nurkowanie (Diving Magazine). I published one book too.

This web is my private page about me and my hobby. There are all my article, more photos (from 1900 till 2005), maps, pictures and other things. Now, more informations are in polish version. I apologize, the most my articles are Polish language.
If you possess some questions or hints please send me email.

On the top logo are two picuters by Krzysztof Brandt. There are two battleships: german "Gneisenau" and russian "Sewastopol". First picture is from my book "German battleships class Scharnhorst", secound picture is from Maciej Sobanski's book "The russian battleships class Sewastpol"


Przemyslaw Federowicz

The maritime paintings

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